Another Decade Older

A few days ago, I turned 50. Yes, 50. Unreal! I wonder how many blogs are started up just before, during, or after, a “big number”. Probably quite a few. However, it isn’t just this number that is getting to me and making me think about the meaning of life, yadda yaddda. It’s really a perfect storm of a lot of things that’s been going on lately. To wit…

One: We recently moved from Colorado to Pennsylvania. Let me back up a little (and you get to learn a bit more about me)…I am a California native, and as newly weds, my husband and I moved to Michigan and lived there for many years  and that’s also where our three kids were born. We then lived in Pennsylvania for two years before his job transferred him to Colorado. Although there were good memories and friends made in Colorado, we never really felt at home during the six years we lived there. We jumped at the chance to move back here last year. So, that’s a big life change right there. It hasn’t been an easy transition — we had to live in a temporary apartment for nearly nine months while we waited for our house in Colorado to sell — and have only lived in this house for five months.

Two: Moving in this house has required a lot of down-sizing. So, that means I’ve been having to take stock of a lot of material things and why I have (or had) them. There’s been a lot of purging, and purging still in progress. That’ll be a good blog post or two, for another time.

Three: Our kids are growing up. My oldest son is away; he is in his second year of college. My daughter is a HS senior and immersed in the college application process. My younger son is a HS freshman, which means his graduation is only three and a half years away. Yep, that means an empty nest is coming up.

Four: I have realized for some time now that my body is far less forgiving of what I put in it and that it needs more physical activity. On paper, I would certainly not be considered overweight (I’m currently 5’3″ and hovering around 116 pounds), but I am not happy with how I feel physically and the feel of my clothes beginning to fit too snugly. I have to figure out what to do regarding this problem. It’s easy to say, just eat less and  exercise more, but many of us know that it’s not as simple as that.

Five: This is sort of a continuation of number four above…many of my friends that I’ve grown up with and stayed in touch with over the years are also turning 50 this year and probably also taking stock of their lives thus far. I was born during a huge rubella epidemic in 1964/1965, so that means many of who I know are also Deaf. Many of us have been considering what progress or (actually the lack of it) has been made in the past 50 years towards deafness.

Six: I’m realizing that some things I used to enjoy (i.e. quilting) are no longer things I’m into anymore. I’m trying to recall what has consistently made me happy in the past. One is writing. I always loved writing research papers and essays for classes and it’s the one thing I really miss about having to curtail my recent pursuit of a second BA. I think that’s the real reason why I’m blogging again.  I’m blogging for the sake of writing. I have not even told family or friends yet about October Maple, although I probably will at some point in the future. I’ve learned from past experience with my previous blogs that friends didn’t read it anyway, and certain family members would call my husband and ask for specifics and make out anything that I blogged about to be a bigger deal than it ever was; for example if I mentioned I was job-hunting then the conclusion was that we were nearing bankruptcy or some such dire event. If any readers stumble across this blog, I do welcome you with open arms. Even if you are family or friends :-). I want readers to stay because of feeling an affinity here, rather than visiting out of a sense of duty.

So. There’s definitely a lot going on. If I thought really hard, I could probably come up with more. But that’s enough for now. I have a house that needs vacuuming. I mean, it really does need it.

But, just let me take another minute here before I go. All in all, fifty is really just a number. Taking a long look at a number (whether it’s 20, 30, 4o, 75…whatever) is a good way to say, yes, it’s time for positive change and to forge ahead and stop the inertia. So, I’m rolling with it! Here’s to 50!


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