New Beginnings

My name is Valerie. I have many interests. Reading. Books. The process of writing. Art — making it and appreciating it — which includes painting, drawing, and jewelry-making. Art history and history in general — especially the history of fashion (even though I’m not a fashion plate. I love books more, so any spare money I have goes to books instead of clothes). Travel. Good food and drink.

That's me.
That’s me.

So what will be the focus of this blog? I don’t know yet. If I waited to figure that out, this blog would never happen. One thing I do know is that I crave the process of writing. Perhaps this blog will help feed that craving.

I have a family, who I love first and foremost. Family comes first with me. In spite of that, this blog will not focus on them. I respect their privacy too much. I will mention them, but without great details. They’ll be referred to as: Husband, Older son (currently 20), Daughter (currently 17), and Younger Son (currently 14). Or something along those lines.

I have blogged before. Those blogs are no longer out there in the blogosphere. I kept telling myself I didn’t have time to maintain them. Why I said that would probably be best left to mull over at another time. This time around, I’ll just forge ahead and see what happens.

So, let’s go!